The Grey Rabbit had a blue dream. He woke up scared and told me that it was a bad sign. 'Blue dream means long separation...', he whispered sobbing slightly. 'We will never be truly separated', I reassured him smiling in the doorstep. Then, I pulled the clouds over my head and I steped out dragging my roots. 'Don't forget about me!!!' cryed The Grey Rabbit. I caught the thin flying echo and sew it to myself: 'I promise!'

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Bleeding

Slice and dice
the mist of lies!
Saw and chop
illusion's plot!
Spare no effort,
spare no blade!
Spill the blood!
Cut off the vein!
Declare your crime!
Be out of line,
out of control...
Out of your mind!

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